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Can STC Coin Help Solve the Student Loan Crisis?

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Students are the most important assets of every country. They are the future and can play their part better in the development of the country. 

In fact, students are the next generation of employees, investors, and entrepreneurs who can help the nation progress. To make them better people and to improve their overall expertise and knowledge, they need to get proper education from universities as the institutes can offer them the resources they need to grow.

Now, these resources include qualified teachers, qualitative researchers, course programs, international collaborations, and much more. These resources are paid through several donations as well as tuition fees, which have definitely gotten extremely high to pay.

Students and families have to take out different loans so they can get a college education. According to analysis, more than 42 million Americans, or at least one in every eight have got student loan debt. Reduced tuition fees can simply lead to a lower budget but reduced quality education.

However, getting student loans is hectic. The lengthy process and poor management make the process very tiring. That’s why an easy alternative is to choose the STC coin which is an educational token for the student’s investors club and was launched in 2018.

Let’s find out whether it’s worth your investment and does it solve student loan problems?

About STC Coin

This Student coin blockchain project is designed to help students. It makes it possible for students and organizations to issue different types of tokens.

  • Personal tokens
  • Startup tokens
  • Corporate tokens 
  • Non-fungible tokens 
  • Decentralized tokens

You can easily purchase these tokens with STC coins in the wallet. Users can even exchange them, use them for crowdfunding projects, and much more. Student coins are mainly focused on the world of students’ problems, they can easily issue their personal tokens and then sell them to all the STC owners.

This sale helps them raise significant money that can be paid for their tuition fees. When the students graduate and find some work, some percentage of their salary will be then used to repay the funds of STC holders who loaned them. This will help students not take any bank loans and STC token holders can simply make profits on their investment.

How does the STC Coin Ecosystem Works?

It’s important to note that the STC platform is not only about crowdfunding. 

When you register yourself on Student Coin’s website, you will get access to your STC wallet, where you will be allowed to store lots of crypto assets which even includes STC-based tokens that can be issued by that platform as well.

You can stake STC tokens via the Student Coin platform and then earn a good return on holdings through the trading fees on the STC Exchange.

Staking is generally a process that helps all the token holders efficiently participate in transaction validation on their platform. It is not a resource-intensive solution than mining as well as it involves locking in funds for receiving different rewards.

Moreover, it’s also possible to exchange all the STC-based tokens on the STC Exchange and then allow all the token owners to trade STC-based tokens while improving the liquidity.

People Behind the STC Coin

Now that we have learned a lot about the STC coin, let’s find out who are the people behind the launch of this coin.

Behind the student coin project, there is a team of 44 people who belong to 12 different countries. They are responsible to expand the usability of crypto assets as well as provide a solution to the problem related to student loan debt. Students are dealing with such a big problem of paying debt, but thanks to the STC coin, they don’t have to pass through it anymore.

The project features a team that belongs to several well-known institutions, which even includes the former CTO of IBM for Europe as well as the president of the Harvard University Club of Poland. 

There are also professionals from Kozminski University, Stanford University, and much more on their team. Student Coin’s CEO and founder Wojciech Podobas created two books on finance and cryptocurrency which are great guides in this regard.

Not only that, but in the future, the STC project will also develop the STC Terminal, and the STC Exchange, and will further plan to create the STC App, while listing their token on different well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms. This STC coin will even be forked into a quicker Ethereum-based version.

Features of STC Coin

  • Education:

The general purpose of launching the Student Coin is to provide direct cryptocurrency as well as blockchain education. Due to this functioning crypto in the learning sector, it will allow people to develop various courses for studying technological advancement in the world. 

This program may offer online classes and will equip students and other interested parties with great knowledge about finance, blockchain, and related subjects.

  • STC Exchange and Trading

The Student Coin was created so that people can use it for trading on different cryptocurrency exchange platforms and websites while offering students and qualified members an opportunity to participate and then reap the benefits early on.

  • Utility Tokens:

Student Coin tokens can be efficiently used to access various utilities in the school setup and payment for some important services. All these things can be done using the incoming mobile app that is available all across the world. Users can easily carry out transactions through the ‘Student App’ which will also serve as their wallet.


After learning all these details and features, it’s clear that the STC coin is a useful investment and can be used to solve the student loan crisis. 

If you are a college or university student looking to get loans from banks, then don’t do it without doing proper research on student coin tokens. You can even read our recent article What is STC Coin? Must Read This Before You Invest, we hope that you will get all the required details here before even putting your money in it.