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What is STC Coin? Must Read This Before You Invest

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Once upon a time in 2018, there were some students from the Student Investor Club Kapitalni at Kozminski university who decided to work on some amazing ideas. They issued a new cryptocurrency called ALK student coin (later they removed ALK.)

The idea was to achieve similar success and recognition the bitcoin earned in the world of cryptocurrency. They planned to create the first university blockchain that can serve as a vehicle for exchanging goods and products. After some time, it reached all the universities and colleges and gradually the number of student coin holders got increased.

Due to its effectiveness, the coin experienced a tremendous increase in its demand. Eventually, the number of holders got increased from 2000 to 6000.

Since then, many people became interested to invest in it and learned more about it. if you are the one who is interested to invest in cryptocurrency, specifically STC coin, then this is the right article for you.

Here we have explained some basic things about the coin, the problems associated with it, and the way it works. If you are planning to invest in it, then stick to the article and make sure you read it till the end.

What is STC Coin?

STC or Student Coin is primarily a platform that is designed to popularize several blockchain technologies as well as for cryptocurrencies among students at different universities all across the world. The basic function and aim of this innovative platform are, that it allows students to build their own cryptocurrency tokens and earn money.

The unique feature of the platform is, that it also features an educational section. It also comprises a proper exchange that can help and facilitate the trading of almost every token.

Now student coin also features its own cryptocurrency which is commonly known as STC and is being frequently sold to the public with the help of an initial coin offering (ICO). The current price of this coin is $0.005082 per STC.

Every Potential Investor Should Know About the Problems of STC Coin

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, we all make sure that we learn everything about the coin so we can make the most out of it. We also explore problems and issues associated with the coin. Likewise, the STC coin also comes with some problems that every potential investor must know about them:

  • Security Issues:

The biggest problem associated with STC is, the way it is selling in the market. 

It is sold to the common public and the website of student coin states that the coin will help earn dividends and it represents shares of different tokens. Now people know least about the law. But according to our opinion, this makes student coin a less secure token.

When it comes to selling anything that represents a proper share in something valuable and also helps you earn dividends due to managerial efforts of other people, then it is a security in all the big jurisdictions (EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.)

Security offerings are strictly regulated and monitored; people need special authorizations from regulators in all the countries they wish to sell their security.

However, the STC coin has not been registered in any country as security. So, people think that its ICO is mainly an unauthorized security offering. 

  • Supporting More than 500 Universities:

Student Coin states it supports more than 500 universities in almost 36 countries. 

Well, does it mean that more than 500 universities and students are relying on student coins? How is that possible? The coin is still new in the market and many people don’t know about it.

According to the experts, they have searched for the connections between these universities and the Student Coin, and surprisingly they found no special connection. They didn’t find any university declaring a special kind of relationship with Student Coin. So, if you want to invest in it, maybe it’s important to confirm that point as well.

STC may support more than 500 universities, but this looks more like a declaration to get fame, and maybe it’s not based on any factual relationship.

How does Student Coin Works?

Now that we know what a student coin is, and what problems are associated with this coin. So, let’s find out how does the STC coin work.

This is actually a very open-ended question because people can only speculate about the intents of those who run and operate this coin.

People also find one staggering thing about STC is, that they have started this project more than 3 years ago but it is still not functional and many people have no idea about it.

They have created their STC token, which is more like an ERC20 token in Ethereum. 

We believe that anybody can launch their own ERC20 token in Ethereum for free in a matter of minutes. 

But the best thing about the STC coin, it has a proper website that helps people to learn more about it. it also features some educational texts in the beta version and states that anybody can create their own token in only 20 seconds. The experts claimed that they sell the token with the promise of handsome future earnings (dividends) as well as shares in different tokens.

Student Coin is currently raising its capital for the project through its initial coin offering. That’s the reason, it hasn’t grabbed many people’s attention yet. But with time, when the project gains more stability and support, we are sure that people will love to invest in it just like they are doing in bitcoin and Ethereum.


Cryptocurrency investment requires a lot of research and effort. You need to be very careful before you invest even in bitcoin because every token comes with its own set of problems and risks. 

Similarly, if you are planning to invest in the STC coin, then it’s recommended to consult with your financial regulator first. If you think that it’s safe and risk-free, then create a good long-term plan to enjoy future stability. But first, understand everything about the coin, its returns, and of course the risks.