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Keyword Research for Crypto Brands

Your customers are looking for SEO services, will they find you? Well, it depends on the keywords you implement! Conducting an in-depth keyword research for your crypto brand is a central pillar for every successful SEO campaign. If you want to drive targeted, relevant, and incremental traffic to your cryptocurrency site, then contact our experts today who can help choose the right keywords for your site.

Targeting Wrong Keywords Can Lead to…

Are you targeting wrong keywords? If yes, always remember that they can lead to…

Zero conversions

Poor rankings

Low traffic volumes

Our Process- That Helps Us Build a Strong Foundation!

Our experts begin the process by reviewing the performance of your website in terms of website traffic and rankings. Once we review the whole website, we target 3-5 search competitors who are using the same relevant keywords.

We ensure thorough keyword research so we don’t miss any gaps. Identifying niche-specific keywords that are essential to your audience is our #1 priority. So we make that we find all the relevant and specific keywords with manual segmentation. In the end, our experts share reports with your team for further recommendations and then after getting final approval, we start incorporating them into your website content.

Keyword Research Services We Provide

At Promotecoin, we provide the following keyword research services to crypto agencies.

Keyword Funneling

Our experts use the keyword funneling method to a group set of words and phrases that are related to buyers’ needs.

Keyword Analysis

We also look at millions of keywords, analyze their volume, and target the ones that are used frequently by your audience.

Keyword Mapping

We analyze every page of your website and then check what keywords are important to target.

Keyword Tracking

We provide the best keyword tracking service as well so we can the value of keywords we use.

Benefits of Keyword Research

More engaging audience

Target long-tail phrases

Get detailed insights about market trends

Increase conversions

Relevant traffic and leads

Keyword placement in the right spot

We offer the best pricing ever!

Start Up

$ 140

10 High Volume and Low Competition Keywords With User Intent

Secondary Keywords for Blogs


$ 240

20 High Volume and Low Competition Keywords With User Intent

Secondary Keywords for Blogs


$ 340

50 High Volume and Low Competition Keywords With User Intent

Secondary Keywords for Blogs

We Help Your Brand Go Viral & Increase 2x Sales

Want to go viral in the saturated crypto world? Let us help your brand go viral with a 2x increase in sales, leads, and conversions!

Frequently Ask Question


What is the significance of keyword research for my crypto brand?

Keyword research is important for your crypto brand as it helps reveal vital information and insights about the market. You can exactly know what search terms your audience has been using to find you. Keywords can set a direction for your brand and you can decide which areas are more important to target. With the implementation of the right keywords in your content, you can win unlimited traffic, conversions, and ranking.


How many keywords will you help me find and target?

There is no limit in finding keywords. We help find hundreds of relevant keywords to crypto brands that can help win lots of traffic and conversions. So, there is no fixed limit as long as you are getting traffic and leads on those keywords.


Can you tell me the costs of keyword research for crypto brands?

The costs could differ according to the requirements you share with us. Once you share your goals and needs, we will create a custom package for you. If you want to get the exact estimates, consult with our professionals and get started today.


How do you help find the best keywords for crypto websites?

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we work on several methods for finding the best keywords. We deeply analyze search intent and use keyword planner tools to discover the right search terms. We also analyze competition and refine them with LSI. Our experts also do manual research so we couldn’t miss any opportunity to target your relevant audience.


How long does it take to conduct keyword research?

It depends on the number of pages on your website and the services you offer. If you have fewer services to offer, we may take 1-2 days in conducting detailed keyword research. However, if you have 20+ pages on the site, then we may need 3-4 days in completing keyword research.


Have you ever done keyword research before?

Yes, of course. We have done hundreds of keyword researches before for crypto brands and delivered 100% customer satisfaction.