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What is RVP Coin? What Features Make It Unique from Others?

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Finding a reliable cryptocurrency that is more likely to deliver good returns in the future is probably a daunting task today. You have a lot of options to consider, but you feel confused and couldn’t decide what’s the right coin to choose.

Well, to avoid that confusion, many people trust Bitcoin and Ethereum as they are the most popular cryptocurrencies today. They also make good money, even better than other cryptos.

But it doesn’t mean that other cryptos are of no use. There are lots of newly emerged cryptocurrencies that have different roles and performances in the industry. When you invest in them, you can expect healthy returns in a short time.

RVP coin is one of those reliable coins. Though it’s not much popular as others, and maybe you have never heard about it before. however, it’s gaining popularity due to a lot of features that set it apart from others in the crypto market.

Want to explore those features before investing? 

If yes, then this is the right article for you. Here I have mentioned some incredible features of the RVP coin that makes it unique from other tokens.

What is RVP Coin?

RVP or Revolution Populi coin is a blockchain-based database. And it is fully user-controlled, unlike other coins. It helps you build a lot of Dapps to be created and social networks are the most important among them. The makers of this coin state that this innovative technology will enable people to regain power over their personal data. 

Platforms like Facebook and Google store plenty of your personal data. And they have great power to do anything with your data because they own it and they have control over it.

The Revolution Populi makers claim that social networks built that utilize their technology will be quite fair for the user data because the data will be stored on a blockchain and not on their servers. Nobody will own the data. This means it prevents you from the “control” of these big giants.

Features of Revolution Populi Coin

Now that you know what RVP coin is, let’s find out some features that set it apart from others.

  • Access Controls:

Users can offer access to Individual Apps (Any DApp) based on their requirements. Now this access provision as well as data and content will be stored on the Layer-1 of this RVP coin. Every app accessing this Blockchain Database will be responsible for selecting the way of serving data. And the data will be only fetched when users allow access.

  • Implementation:

Now the Layer is actually a Decentralized Data Facility, so the transaction speed would be extremely fast as compared to others. Simply, The Mainnet won’t get blocked by tons of unnecessary traffic. With the New Layer-1, a user will have a Decentralized Database for Different Apps they can connect to and then share their data decentrally – without ever compromising on their data safety.

  • Ecosystem:

Applications will be easily downloaded on the user’s device. The DWallet App will be responsible to create a blockchain wallet for the user. So, the overall app data excluding wallet keys will be synchronized between multiple devices using Cloud. Applications will be able to communicate with blockchain directly. 

They will read users’ data directly from the blockchain and Cloud Storage. The best part is, that restricted information will only be unlocked and accessed by the user’s device. Or from the application server – with the permission of users.

  • Core Blockchain-Based Structure:

If we talk about the structure of the RVP coin, then it’s also very different from others in the market. It features a Core Blockchain-Based as well as Cloud Storage “Starter Kit”. 

This kit is designed for “Ease of Demo” Purposes. It utilizes Standard Mainstream Commercial Storage for primary purposes. The End System can consider a safe and decentralized storage system like The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) Or different modules that are similar to it.

Is RVP Crypto a Good Investment Choice?

The answer to this extremely confusing question is, yes. RVP is a good investment choice today.

RVP has the excellent potential for growth that you can ever imagine. This is an innovative technology that actually makes a lot of sense in the world where we are living in.  And where big data collection companies over-collect our data. Not only that but they overuse and abuse users’ data just for their profits. 

That’s why I believe that this new coin Revolution Populi is quite an awesome fertile ground for decentralized social networks to grow and then each the mainstream. 

We have already seen that many tokens are designed to make money decentralized. However, we have not heard about making user data decentralized in an extremely reliable way. User data is usually seen as a big commodity so what’s the point of not decentralizing it?

RVP is currently in an early stage. Despite the recent success and popularity, the project needs great room for growth and success in the future.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in it. The coin is probably a great investment choice due to its amazing features and functionalities. Unlike traditional coins, it offers benefits that users have never imagined in today’s advanced age.

Current Supply and Price of RVP

After knowing all the features and elements of this coin, you must be interested to know the current supply and price of the coin. Right?

Well, its current supply is amazing. It has a supply rate of 2,000,000,000 with 1,200,000,003 in circulation. And the price of Revolution Populi has been $0.010981 per (RVP / USD) currently over the last 24 hours.


So, if you are planning to invest in an RVP coin, then I think you should do it without any fear. It is the best innovation today that offers you to control your data and does not allow any big giant to access and over-collect anything from you.To learn about the coin’s promotion and marketing, you can access Promote Coin platform that helps market your coin using different strategies and techniques.