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What is Meme Coin? And How to Promote it?

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As the name implies, meme coins are basically coins inspired by memes and some fun ideas captured by images or any other form of media. Dogecoin is one of the best examples of a meme coin we all know.

Meme coins work like just any other cryptocurrency but they are in limited supply. Their popularity is driven by pop culture. And they are extremely volatile and subject to different changes in value in a very short time.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are currently the popular meme coins that have $16 billion and $13 billion market capitalization. Another quality of meme coins is, that you can invest safely in them. 

If you want to invest in them or looking for ways to promote your meme coin, have a look below and find out some best tips and ideas about meme coin and their promotion.

What are Meme Coins?

Meme coin is also a popular cryptocurrency, just like you have heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, unlike those cryptos, meme coins are generally created as an homage to a meme. They are theme-based. It’s like some interesting and fun idea captured in an image or different forms of media. As they are based on interesting memes, these coins are can go viral and also be shared. 

Dogecoin is an example of a meme coin and also a big name in the market. It was typically created as a joke just to mock Bitcoin and different mainstream cryptocurrencies like how blindly people are investing in them. 

The developers, software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, had no intention to use it for real. Unlike some traditional utility tokens, meme coins weren’t used for DAO, staking, or making purchases in a specialized ecosystem. 

Some common meme coins are:

  • Dogecoin
  • Pitbul 
  • SafeMoon
  • ElonGate
  • Hoge
  • Ultrasafe

These are the form of digital assets other than traditional crypto bitcoin.

How to Promote Meme Coin?

Now we have learned enough about meme coins, it’s time to find out how to promote them on different platforms. If you own them or want to invest in them, make sure you read them till the end.

  • Use Twitter as Much as You Can:

Whether you are new to this crypto world or invested a lot in different tokens, Twitter is probably the best channel to use for promoting your coin. That’s the reason, Twitter seems great if you want to establish brand awareness for your coin project. 

It is one of the ideal social media channels, especially for the cryptocurrency market. 

The channel has a great potential to make your coin more popular than other channels like Facebook, Pinterest, or Medium. In fact, Twitter is the biggest social media platform that has been involved in promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and different blockchain startups.

You can make announcements about your coin, promote bounty campaigns, and spread various latest news & information to readers and investors. Twitter also has a massive fan following, so you can drive essential and relevant traffic to your platform as well.

  • Create a Solid PR Strategy:

Cryptocurrencies have promised to change the future and the world we are living in. However, to make that happen, crypto startups also need a solid PR strategy just like other businesses need at the start. The strategy should be result-oriented and remarkable so that your project can get all the attention it deserves.

With cryptocurrency and related ads facing several prohibitions and problems on different channels such as Google, it was required to check some crypto-friendly websites including Reddit and Steemit so you can spread your message among the massive community. Moreover, you should also rely on various types of content that can spread information such as blog posts and guest post articles to have solid backlinks as well as a strong reputation. It’s also recommended to submit press releases to various news sites and PR articles to crypto communities as it broadens your chances to reach maximum people. 

  • Get Your Coin Listed:

If you have just launched your own meme coin and now looking for some reliable platform to promote it, then you need to take steps to grow your virtual currency and bring it to the spotlight.

You need to get the coin listed on different reputable exchanges and other platforms such as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. Well, this can be a bit complicated, time-taking, and tricky process if you are not having any solid connections or knowledge in the industry.

Every exchange follows different criteria. However, it’s important to understand which exchanges are important to promote your token at this point. If you have not listed your coin on any exchange yet, then it’s essential to find out the platforms with a solid track record of listing different coins that look similar to yours.

You can get your coin listed on various platforms but this is a challenging process. That’s why getting the help of Promote Coin experts prove beneficial as they are expert and help you list coins wherever you want.

  • Airdrop:

Airdrop is another popular tactic to promote your meme coin. People love receiving something for free, and this won’t change anything regardless of the great value of your airdropped token. You can send several consumers some small tokens absolutely free as it will draw their attention to your coin and they might take more interest in exploring.

The airdrop usually draws speculators and investors during boom times. However, it could still bring long-term investors and interested buyers. Airdrop is a reliable marketing engine that must be integrated into your strategy.


That’s not it. if you have launched a meme coin and couldn’t think of ideas to promote it, then there are tons of other activities that can help you do that and spread the word. But make sure you rely on professionals that make things easy for you rather than stealing more money. 

Give us a call at Promote Coin and let our marketing specialists create a robust plan for your success and growth, as the specialists can create strategies that ensure guaranteed growth.