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Top 8 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies for Robust Growth

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Are you trying to execute crypto marketing strategies for acquiring users and raising awareness for your blockchain-related product?

If yes, then I am sure this article might help you a lot in understanding the right marketing methods that ensure robust growth and development.

Especially in the case of crypto projects, traditional marketing tactics do not work well and you have to go extra mile for achieving success and recognition. 

So, whether you are an established crypto brand in the market or just launched your coin in the saturated industry, implementing these crypto marketing strategies will probably be a great deal. Let’s have a look at the techniques that can propel your coin and help you stay ahead of the competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has currently become the most important marketing technique today through which you can bring your project to the limelight and gain essential recognition in the market. 

Certainly, it is the backbone of crypto marketing. Different marketing agencies use popular social media platforms so they can establish connections with the global crypto community and drive solid leads for their projects.  

Some common yet effective social media marketing channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Telegram. However, you can also consider BTT and Steemit as they promise more exposure and visibility.

Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution has always been a great marketing tactic for every industry. Especially when it comes to cryptocurrency, press release distribution can ensure unlimited success and recognition. Imagine a well-crafted story about your recent project published on high-quality news websites where 100,000 people get to see your story. Isn’t it amazing? You get extra traffic, more leads, and excellent recognition. 

There are tons of high-quality PR sites, and most of them are dedicated to crypto PR that helps you publish news about different crypto coins. When you connect with the right PR agency, the experts help you share your story on hundreds of reliable platforms.

Pay Per Click Advertisements

If you want to draw a lot of attention from highly relevant people in the crypto community, then nothing can help you better than PPC. This is the most popular form of advertising today that delivers effective results in no time. 

The best part about the strategy is, that you don’t even need a proper website for it. you just need to create an excellent landing page and a super-attractive PPC ad for your coin project. Once it’s according to the PPC guidelines, it will be available for the audience to see and click. The more clicks you receive, the better the chances of growth and recognition.

Since it’s a bit technical and complicated approach, getting professional help is probably a great option. The experts can help perform keyword research, generate ads, and much more to drive relevant visits.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another effective strategy that gives awesome results if implemented correctly. It helps you reach your target audiences personally, drive more sales, and draw relevant attention to your platform.

It is a direct marketing method that involves sending regular emails to the subscribers and telling people about your recent token launch, new coin service, or anything related. If people feel any interest in the email, they will reply to you and ask for further details. 

You can also convey different news and latest information about crypto project through emails. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing methods that is currently growing in popularity in the crypto marketing space. People who have massive social media fan following have the power to communicate your message well and convince audiences about your products and services.

As a result, your targeted community believes the influencers and follow them which ultimately gives you more success and growth.

You can enjoy a considerable amount of reach to the crypto community through individuals who have thousands of social media followers.

Website Design and Development

If you are planning to launch your crypto project or anything related, then developing a website should be your topmost concern. Choose a highly attractive website design, keep it user-friendly, and establish a platform for potential audiences and investors. 

It will also give you a chance to explain to your target audience why they should invest in the coin, what are its features, and how it’s beneficial.


Airdrops will always be a highly popular, relevant, and result-driven tactic in the crypto industry. If you are launching your new coin or another crypto exchange then you can send a bunch of free coins or tokens to people’s wallet addresses as it will give your coin more exposure and visibility.

Airdrops create great hype around your blockchain project. The more free tokens you will provide to the audience, the higher will be the chances of a fully-grown community.

It’s also best to use the social media channel Telegram as it can facilitate the Airdrop and also help run a community group chat where people can discuss things with each other.

Affiliate Marketing

It’s always recommended using affiliates for promoting your coin. Crypto affiliates can send huge traffic to your website with a very small commission fee. 

Before you contact any affiliates, it’s important to implement a proper affiliate campaign on your organized website. After that, affiliates will get paid based on the number of signups they obtain for your company.


Once you have launched your project, make sure you maintain its sound reputation in the industry as it’s extremely important for valuable growth. 

Following the above-mentioned techniques are key to your success. However, the condition is the right implementation and execution. If you think you won’t be able to do that because of less knowledge and expertise, then relying on a crypto marketing agency is a great idea as the professionals can help implement every method strategically. 

Contact with Promote Coin experts who have helped thousands of people with their effective strategies. So, if you want to gain guaranteed success and fast results, give us a call, and let’s create a strategy for your goals.