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7 Cool Tips to Engage Your Crypto Audience

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If you have just launched your coin or planning to establish a business of cryptocurrency, you must know that you need to promote it in the saturated industry so that you can earn desired recognition and acknowledgment.

After all, you need to engage a community and tell people about your project. But is it that much easier? Or there are any strategies that you need to implement to engage a massive community. 

For efficient and successful crypto marketing, it is extremely important to invest your time, money, and effort; otherwise, your project will not get successful and nobody will ever know about your coin.

Content marketing, social media outreach, influencer marketing, and other strategies are quite common that help engages your audience and build a stabilized community. Let’s find out some other tips and tricks to engage a massive community for more success and growth of your crypto project.

Write Blogposts for Audience’s Engagement

Blog posts are probably the best way to engage people in the cryptocurrency community as they have quite a long lifespan as compared to social media posts. 

You can update, edit, or delete blog posts whenever you want and there will be no chances of losing your followers even if you make regular changes to your content.

You need to create high-quality blog posts on the topic with stunning graphics and visuals so you can engage more and more people every day. When applicable, you can also include images, videos, infographics, and different visual aids like layouts and illustrations as these elements engage people more than the simple content.

Make sure you focus on topics such as, how to start investing in cryptocurrency, tips for launching your own coin, and others.

Create Different Podcasts

Podcasts look like the best way to engage with people who are interested in the topic you are discussing. You can download and listen to the podcasts anytime you want. This means they have more longevity as compared to other content types such as social media posts or video clips.

Make sure you create an engaging podcast while researching what people are already looking for. After that, explore some popular topics to create podcasts that inspire people and make them stick to the end.

Some important topics of podcasts could be:

  • Tips and ideas to invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Latest news and information about cryptos 
  • Interviews with crypto experts and get their opinions on crypto-related things such as security concerns or others.

Send Weekly Emails to Subscribers

The trend of sending emails to interested subscribers is not gone yet.

In fact, emails are a great way to keep in touch with the audience as it allows you to build strong relationships with an interested audience. The best thing about email is it will directly go to your subscribers’ inboxes. This means there is a great possibility of seeing the content immediately as compared to social media posts. 

Sometimes emails also get overlooked. However, they are still the most profitable way of engaging people. You can send out a lot of the latest news and weekly updates about everything happening in the crypto industry. 

It is important to include informative blog posts, podcasts, videos, and relevant information about the industry like new crypto exchanges launching around the world and how to invest in bitcoin or other cryptos.

Run Paid Ads to Gain Traffic

Running Google search ads is another effective method to get your content in front of people who may be interested to know more about your project.

Many people also use Facebook ads for this reason especially if they have a high fan following on that platform. You need to set up your campaign based on different keywords which are relevant to crypto or related terms like “bitcoin”, “Ether” or “cryptocurrency.”

Advertising on YouTube is also a great way to build a healthy community and engage most people. 

There are different formats when it comes to running ads on YouTube. However, it’s best to choose the format that suits your topic the most. In that way, users can easily find what they are looking for while searching for something online.

Be Active on Reddit and Other Platforms

Places like Reddit have plenty of cryptocurrency fans. It’s a platform where you can engage thousands of people every day and tell them about your crypto project. 

You can initiate conversations about different coin-related topics and discuss the complications of the project with like-minded people. You can also participate in discussions that are relevant to your project. But be careful and do not over-advertise yourself on such a platform as you will lose all your worth quickly. Engagement is key to maintaining it efficiently without promoting yourself.

Engage People on Different Facebook Groups

Have you ever been a member of any Facebook group before? If yes, then we are sure that you have learned several new things from there and even made some friends as well. The same is the case with crypto groups. These groups offer a lot of unique opportunities and give you a chance to start networking with people who share the same values and interests. You can discuss things, ideas, and several other concepts about your project and they can be of great help as well.  

For example, there are crypto groups that discuss different new developments in the industry like investment in crypto-related projects or some top emerging technologies like blockchain.

Collaborate with Crypto Blogs

Its recommended to reach out to different reputable crypto blogs for a potential collaboration. Now, this is quite meaningful if you have unique and engaging content that they don’t have. Chances are you see a great overlap in your audience, so when you will join them, you can find out great differences and chances of improvement.


Whatever strategy you choose for engaging your audience, make sure you are communicating more often with them so you can share your ideas and opinions while engaging them. Keep them updated about the latest happenings in your industry. If you want to get explosive sales and traffic for your crypto project, then it is better to get the help of professionals at Promote Coin where you can get essential guidance about coin promotion and marketing. The experts implement various strategies that help you gain quick recognition and exposure in the industry.