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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Crypto Projects?

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For every coin or crypto project, a social media marketing strategy is crucial. Why? Because you need to get the word out and gain the trust of your audience. Moreover, it helps get exposure and visibility to your newly launched coin.

While other industries and businesses have great freedom on social media channels, but crypto project owners always feel worried about what kind of content should they create and how to engage their audiences every day.

The reason is, that centralized platforms have already put some restrictions on content that is designed to promote different coins. In fact, some platforms have completely banned the promotion of crypto-related products. So, you have to be very thoughtful and careful before creating anything. 

Well, the good thing is, that Facebook has already revised its stans and allowed crypto projects promotion but Twitter is still not allowing such kinds of ads, which is quite worrisome for crypto project owners.

However, social media has a great impact on various businesses including cryptocurrencies. So, you cannot cut that approach which gives you great exposure and stability. 

But how to create a strategy that earns trust and credibility? How to engage people and gain some traction? Well, don’t worry. Today we are going to highlight a proper strategy that helps you run your social media campaigns successfully.

Establish Your Goals and Objectives

The very first thing every individual and company needs to do is, set their goals and objectives. They need to decide what they actually want to achieve from their campaign. They need to ask themselves how social media marketing can help achieve their goals and how long it takes to accomplish them. 

Many crypto businesses use social media marketing to boost their brand awareness, while many businesses use it to drive visitors to their site. By using social media strategy, you can simply create a community for your project and make people believe that how you are going to make a difference.

Find Relevant Platforms

If you want to advertise on social media effectively and successfully, then you must determine which social media channel can help yield positive results.

Some popular and extremely effective channels are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. There are also some smaller platforms like Tumblr and Tik Tok that help generate a strong community.

When first starting out your campaign, make sure you focus on various channels where you think that your potential audience is active and will respond positively rather than trying to be at places where you don’t find anyone.

You are also required to create a proper content strategy. Create engaging content that inspires people and makes them think seriously. Your content should be persuasive so that people take action as soon as they come across it.

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Create Your Buyer Persona

Another important thing is, creating a buyer persona. It will help you answer several questions. And you will know where to start and how to accomplish your objectives. 

The good thing is, that you don’t need to stick with a single plan for an indefinite period. Rather, you can simply tweak it according to the results you drive through social media marketing.

Make a Proper Schedule

For social media marketing, it’s important to schedule a proper time for publishing and planning things. Developing your strong and consistent social media presence is probably the first step in social media marketing. 

According to an estimate, there are 3 billion people who use social media every day. You can simply allow your crypto project to be noticed by these billions of people by being present on popular social media channels.

The good practice is, to share an informative blog post, an engaging image, or a convincing video that immediately grabs people’s attention.

This is much similar to the thing you post on your random Facebook page where you tend to engage people through memes, posts, images, and videos. However, instead of publishing irrelevant content on the spur of the moment, you need to prefer things beforehand and create a proper schedule. When you run social media channels for your crypto projects, your every post must align with your goals and give people a proper message about everything you do.

Listening and Engaging

Listening and engaging is other significant aspect of social media marketing.

Conversations about your brand will essentially increase when your social media following grows. Your brand will look more credible and trustable when you have a high fan following. Your visitors will leave comments on your social media posts and you get more likes and exposure with time. You can also tag people in your posts and send them direct messages about your new products and promotions.

If your brand is good and people are trusting your products, you will see how your brand develops its recognition in the market. And eventually, businesses like you will keep an eye on your strategy and social media conversations, which will gradually make you a popular and recognizable brand.

If you get all the positive reviews and comments about your brand, then it means you are making your customers happy. But on the other side, if your page gets negative reviews and comments, then you need to address the issue as soon as possible before it gets worsens.

Analysis and Evaluation

For effective and result-driven social media marketing, it’s important to do some analysis and evaluation. It will help you track things and analyze if your plan is successful or not. 

You should know how your social media marketing is performing overall, whether it’s regarding content publishing or maintaining social media engagement.

It’s important to analyze whether you have reached out to more people on social media this month than you had the last month. Moreover, you should also check how many positive reviews you have received so far and how people are appreciating your posts and mentioning you in the story.


Social media marketing is the backbone of your marketing strategy. Without it, it’s hard to survive in the growing market. Therefore, creating a robust strategy is probably a good way to plan your success. However, if you want guaranteed success and recognition, then it’s recommended to consider a social media marketing agency that helps develop a proper strategy so that you can earn maximum success and recognition.