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6 SEO Secrets to Improve the Ranking of Your Crypto Website and Boost Token Sales

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Do you want to position yourself as a top brand in the world of cryptocurrency? Or you have just launched your website and explored different SEO tactics to improve its ranking among others in the industry?

Whatever your goals are, keep in mind that your newly launched crypto website needs a lot of attention. You cannot rely solely on social media marketing, influencer marketing, or Airdrop methods. Website design and SEO are equally important as they are the backbone of the marketing that can improve the position of your crypto project and boost the sales of your token.

But what are those methods exactly that ensure 100% results? 

Let’s find out some top SEO secrets that can improve the ranking of your crypto site and also boost the sales of your token in no time.

Build an Impressive Website

The first and foremost thing is, to create an impressive website for the crypto project so that you can ensure a successful token sale. An effective website perfect from all angles can surely be a great starting point that tells your audiences about your blockchain startup.

Make sure the website is perfectly designed and SEO-friendly so that it can set a good first impression on your audience. An ineffective website simply drives your visitors away which ultimately hurt your ranking and reputation.

Your landing pages, hero sections, and all the service pages should be well-designed and attractive as these are the most viewed pages and also the deciding factors as to whether the users will stay or leave the page. The inspiring image of your site makes it attractive and boosts sales.

Moreover, the template of your website should also be well-suited for the cryptos ICO, coin traders, or other companies.

Create a Blog Page on Your Site

Content creation or marketing is one of the crucial factors in SEO that helps you connect with your audiences directly and answer all the queries they may encounter. Besides, content marketing allows you to choose frequently used keywords and phrases as the most used keywords can help increase traffic, ranking, and leads.

For successful integration of content marketing, make sure you create a blog page on your website. After that, continue with market research and find out the queries and concerns of your audiences and then address them through your articles. Create lengthy blog posts that have all the primary keywords and focus on topics that most people are searching for today.

Blog posts do not only give information to the potential audiences but they are also responsible to increase the ranking and reputation of your website.

Speed Up Your Website

Another important but overlooked aspect of SEO is a slow website. People make attractive websites, pack them with lots of keywords, and incorporate catchy content across all the pages. But one thing they surely forget is, to increase the speed of the website. Google considers your website’s speed when indexing and ranking your site.

According to Google, an ideal loading time of your website is 2-3 seconds. The websites that take more time than that are probably the ones that need immediate fixing. A website with a high loading time also experiences a great bounce rate which is definitely not good for SEO.

If you have created a website that looks too cumbersome, it will ranked poorly by search engines. It also won’t attract visitors, so you might receive zero ranking, reputation, and appreciation by both users and search engines.

Focus on Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is a key to your success and probably the most important factor in SEO as well. There are up to 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world who spend more than 5 hours using their phones every single day. So, what if they visit your website but find out that your platform is not optimized for mobile? They will surely leave the site in seconds and might never come back.

Hence, when you improve the mobile responsiveness of your site and make it mobile-friendly, then you can simply bring new users, supporters, and investors to your crypto project while increasing the chances of getting a high ranking in Google search engine. 

Since 2015, search engines have been using mobile responsiveness as a great ranking factor while indexing your website. So, make sure the site is mobile friendly so that it can convince maximum audiences about your project’s effectiveness.

Always Use Long Tail Keywords

When you create a blog post or even write content for your website, make sure you include high-quality and long-tail keywords that contain more than 2 words. Long-tail keywords are more specific and Google ranks them easily and quickly as they are more comprehensible and searched by a vast group of people.

For example, keywords like “Launch your own coin” and “Market your coin with SEO” are long-tail keywords and more explanatory as compared to short-tail keywords. So, the chances are these keywords might get ranked as they are more meaningful, targeted, and might be searched by thousands of people as well.

Improve User Experience

Designing and developing a user-friendly website is one of the most important practices of SEO. Google always takes into account the average time people spend on your platform, so it’s important to ensure that your audiences can easily navigate all the sections of the site without feeling any difficulty. 

The easier the navigation is, the longer your audiences will stay on your site. For example, when you design your crypto website, it’s important to create a clear title and accurately refer to the solution you are providing to the audience.

After that, you can present some options or tabs that help people to buy tokens or read more about them. Make sure everything is at the forefront. All the problems and solutions are mentioned on the main page as this is the place where the user decides whether to buy your service or not.


Improving the ranking of your crypto website and boosting the sales of your token is not an easy job today as there are lots of competitors revolve around that implementing the more effective methods.That’s where the crypto marketing agencies help. A company like Promote Coin can help your crypto project grow and deliver more exposure and visibility. If you are interested to know more, we are just one call away. Reach out to us and learn how we help you make a difference in the world of crypto.