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Want to Scale Your Crypto Project? Use These 3 Social Media Strategies

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Did you know today’s crypto investors and stakeholders first check your social media accounts before investing? Your social media pages speak for your brand in the best way possible.

However, if those pages are not attractive enough, then it’s definitely quite challenging to win against big players in the crypto industry.

So, the question is, how can you make your own place in the world of crypto? What social media strategies could help you win? And how can you scale your crypto project using social media marketing?

As we all know that there are tons of social media platforms out there. Some of them we all use, and some of them we don’t even know about. The secret is, that the ones we use are exactly the real ones that can yield amazing results.

Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are probably the best channels that ensure faster growth and improve your chances to get recognized in the saturated industry.

But how to use them? What strategies could ensure good results? Let’s find out this and much more. Make sure you stick to my article till the end so you can learn everything.

Use Twitter for Your Crypto Project

The most frequently asked question from newcomers is, “where should I start?” 

Well, I think it’s a very logical question. They are new, they don’t know anything about marketing, and they are confused about what strategy could be a good starting point.

On top of that, diving into the world of crypto without any marketing knowledge is extremely daunting and could result in great loss. 

But to make things easy, I will always recommend my audience: follow the most important personalities on Twitter. Investors, stakeholders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and everyone involved in crypto or blockchain-related products.

Another point of concern is, why Twitter works extremely well for crypto projects?

  • Twitter is Fast and Effective

When you have to deal with a global market running 24 hours, you must need to depend on a channel that is powerful enough in distributing healthy & accurate information to your audiences as fast as possible. The channel should be effective and reliable so that your audiences could trust the source.

Creating, sharing, and discussing important information on Twitter is probably a great deal for your startup as it can boost your company and deliver more exposure and visibility.

Tweets, re-tweets, and engaging the community in healthy crypto discussions offer fast results and give more chances of success and development in the future.

  • A Fresh Platform:

Unlike other social media channels like Instagram or Facebook which curate your feed based on the algorithms and show you the posts from 24, or even 48 hours in the past, Twitter gives some more granule control over in-app notifications.

Investors, users, and stakeholders need up-to-date information about crypto so they can make wise and timely decisions. When they will receive timely news, they can at least act responsibly. This makes Twitter a fresh platform as compared to other channels that might not give you as fresh info as you need.

  • It’s More Active:

All the traditional social media marketing strategies might suggest you publish at least one post on Instagram and Facebook every day, and 3 posts on LinkedIn every week. You have to maintain a proper balance between posts and not break the consistency.

But luckily, there is no limitation or restriction on Crypto Twitter (CT).

All the reliable crypto influencers tweet more than 15 times a day, and they all have an active comment thread. I mean there is always a streamlined communication happening in their feeds and you can simply learn more new things about the crypto.

Since the cryptocurrency industry is moving incredibly fast, this channel allows blockchain companies to keep pace with the community members and engage more and more people every day.

  • Content for Crypto Twitter Marketing:

There are frequent types of content you might see on Twitter. Some important content types are memes, blogs, threads, announcements, updates, blogs, milestones, and much more that engage community members.

Crypto Reddit Marketing

Your marketing is not completed without Reddit. It’s a platform that ensures ultimate win and guaranteed results as there are plenty of crypto influencers and investors who use Reddit every single day. 

Reddit is also called the “front page of the internet,” because it’s a platform for communities that feature forum-style subreddits, based on the audience’s interests. It allows people to share content, initiate discussions, give suggestions, leave comments, and vote on content so that the most interesting or trending topics rise automatically to the top. 

Reddit features 2.8 million subreddits and 430 million monthly active users. Not only that, but the platform also comprises 52 million daily actives who spend around 10 minutes scrolling through different posts, memes, and latest articles.

This makes Reddit a prime platform that gives great exposure. If you share content about your crypto project and generate some buzz, I am sure that your project will see heights of success in no time.

Crypto Facebook Marketing

Facebook, is one of the most impactful and favorite platforms of investors and stakeholders. You can find tons of people on Facebook who might show interest in your crypto project. 

You can create your own business page, share interesting ideas, post stories, and maintain a strong profile equipped with every necessary detail so that your audiences can learn more about your coin and take interest in exploring everything about your project. You can also launch ads on Facebook to gain ultimate exposure and visibility. This will help you interact with people who are actually interested in your project.

Hire Social Media Marketing Experts

Since crypto marketing is hard, it is recommended to get the help of social media marketing experts for your crypto project. Whether you have just launched your coin or want to gain exposure for your project, crypto social media marketing is something that can ensure high levels of success in no time.When you hire a social media marketing team at Promote Coin, they will implement and execute proven strategies and help you build a genuine community. With the support of our specialists, your coin or crypto project will greatly flourish and hold the best-ranking reputation among all the big players in the market.