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Does SEO Matter for Crypto Agencies?

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Search engines have recently made it possible for various reputable crypto websites to run paid campaigns for their brand, but the trust is, there are still lots of limitations in this advertising space that doesn’t allow brands to fully develop and get exposure.

That’s the reason, SEO has become a crucial strategy for cryptocurrency. Especially when the strategy is well-planned and efficiently executed, it can help determine the success of your project.

Since I am a website owner and know enough about SEO, so I believe that finding some relevant keywords for your crypto brand is not enough for gaining success. You need a strategy that makes your audiences stick to the webpage and allow them to explore each page. 

But I will say that SEO is a complex matter which needs a lot of research, analysis, and evaluation. If you are doing it all by yourself, then I would definitely warn you to not do it as there are lots of complications that can create trouble for you.

After all, there are hundreds and thousands of crypto sites and they all are competing for the same top keywords that you want to rank. This means SEO is an important factor that definitely does matter for your continued success and growth. Let’s find out some more facts and truths.

How Does Crypto SEO Improve the Ranking of Your Brand?

I believe there is virtually no agency in the world with an online presence that doesn’t need SEO to grow its ranking and reputation. Cryptocurrency is also included in this game as the market is extremely saturated and every crypto brand needs a proper strategy to outrank competitors. 

So, every business that wants to reach their targeted audiences organically, should consider SEO. Create as much engaging content as you can, and make sure that it is SEO friendly and keyword-rich so you can target the right audience.

In the past few years, Google and Facebook totally blocked all kinds of advertisements related to crypto on their platforms. However, the ban has been raised now and they are allowing all kinds of promotions. 

This means you have another opportunity to get more exposure for your brand. If you want to reach a massive community for your crypto brand, it’s important to adopt social media marketing with SEO for effective results. It doesn’t only help your website rank well in search engines, but it will also rank your social media channels high in search results for different keywords.

Besides ranking, you will instantly drive more traffic, organic leads, and calls from your targeted audiences. By combining SEO and social media marketing, you can easily boost the ranking and recognition of your site in a short time.

SEO for Crypto Agencies: Factors to Consider

If you want to stay safe during the rise and fall of crypto hype, it’s important to do SEO so you can stay relevant in the industry and earn more recognition. Some important SEO factors are:

  • Detailed Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important strategy and in fact, the foundation of the entire process. Keywords are small search terms that your audiences are looking for while trying to find something specific. When you target the right crypto keywords, you simply give your audiences a chance to land on your website.

Now the difficulty of keyword research in this market is, that they are insanely competitive. Every crypto brand is targeting the same keywords and getting ranked higher. You need to be highly creative and smart so your keyword research game can take your brand to the highest level. 

Especially if you are a small business, you need to be very specific and smart and create extraordinary content that aligns with your business and represents your products in a totally unique way. With detailed keyword research, you will simply gain relevance and authority in your niche.

  • Create Engaging and Unique Content

Engaging, fresh, unique, and relevant content inspires your audiences and is highly beneficial for SEO. When you create unique content by incorporating different keywords that precisely target your products, you can simply direct more visits and traffic to your site and get impressive results in no time.

Besides, Google algorithms will keep checking your content and may increase its rankings as it is delivering more value to the audiences who are looking for the same thing on Google.

Also, it is not good to recreate any content you see on different platforms. It is better to come up with your own unique ideas so you can offer real value to the audiences and search engines. 

Your content must offer value to the target audience, and that’s the only way your crypto website can rank well in search engine results.

  • Generate Quality Backlinks

Adding quality backlinks to your crypto site is important because it simply adds great value and authority to your site.

I have met many people who believe that the crypto industry is already a sham and “a Ponzi scheme” type industry. that’s the reason, you need to make the site relevant and credible in the eyes of Google and target audiences. Create as many backlinks as possible so you achieve higher domain authority. 

Getting quality links to your site is a primary means to achieve a high ranking. For example, a backlink to your site from New York Times will have an incredible impact on ranking, traffic, and leads.


Setting your business on track is simply not possible without SEO. If your SEO game is weak, get ready to see failures by strong competitors in the market. Especially if you are new to the crypto industry, then it’s hard to beat already established companies with strong SEO strategies. 

On the other side, there is always a better solution. Choose the best crypto SEO agency that can outsmart others through robust techniques and strategies and rank your website at the top in a short time. SEO agencies are experienced, proficient, and knowledgeable. They know what techniques can work well and what needs to be stopped. So, before you hire an SEO agency for your crypto business, make sure you conduct detailed research and find out the best professionals who have the right knowledge in the industry.